Water Dispenser

Our Robo Waster Dispensers uses a 4 stage purification process that practically removes all particles and sediments of nominal microns in size.  Our fully imported system will ensure that the water you drink is perfectly safe and refreshing.

Our Classic Waster Dispensers are economic, simple, and is ideal to serve everybody’s basic needs. 
Super Slim Design (255mm width). Prevent overheating by thermostat protector. Stainless tub to prevent bacteria breeding. Hot water safety function (Child-Lock). Installed LG Compressor.
Outdoor Filter
Our Master Filter system uses a five stage purification process that enables most of the water’s unwanted sediments and chemicals to be removed, ensuring water entering into your house is cleaner and safer.  Our Master Filter comes in two convenient sizes:  42” and 54”.  Our experts will guide you on which tank is more suitable for you.
EZ water filtration system with the latest nano technology, fully automatic with 99.90% bacterial or viruses free and 10 years of warranty. Below are the common dirty substance that contains in water.

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