Our Robo Waster Dispensers uses a 4 stage purification process that practically removes all particles and sediments of nominal microns in size.  Our fully imported system will ensure that the water you drink is perfectly safe and refreshing.

High Quality Filtration System

  • Available in Reverse Osomosis
  • Available in Sterasyl Ultra Ceramic
  • For more information regarding our filtration system, click here

Solenoid Push Button System

  • Integrated plastic hygienic guard reduces the risk of hand contamination at the tap.

Advanced Cooling and Heating System

  • Thermostatically controlled stainless steel cold water tank along with the instantaneous heating bimetal temperature control will ensure hot and cold water will be available at a push of a button.

Consistent Water Pressure

  • Regardless of the variation in water pressure coming into Robo, our dispensers will provide a constant water pressure to our users.

Removable Lower Panel

  • Simply press down to remove the entire lower front panel for easy maintenance.
Dimensions 340mm(W) x 340mm(D) x 1180mm(H)
Weight 25kg
Cold Tank Volume 5 liters
Hot Tank Volume 2 liters
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