Our Master Filter system uses a five stage purification process that enables most of the water’s unwanted sediments and chemicals to be removed, ensuring water entering into your house is cleaner and safer.  Our Master Filter comes in two convenient sizes:  42” and 54”.  Our experts will guide you on which tank is more suitable for you.

  • 10 Years Warranty On Fibreglass Tank
  • Easy To Use Multi-Port Valve
  • Made By Pentair U.S.A.

Filtration Stages:

1. Activated Carbon:

Activated Carbon traps sediments such as dirt and sand while removing some of the chlorine in the water, leaving 10% to 25% of chlorine in the water.  This helps in preventing bacteria from spreading in the water tank.

2. Zeolite Sand:

Zeolite Sand is ideal for use in domestic and industrial water filtration due to its high density and toughness.  It efficiently removes large particles such as mud and suspended solids in the water. 

3. Fine Silica Sand:

Fine sand further traps very fine sediments down to nominal microns. 

4. Fine Gravel:

Fine Gravel removes dirt and removes bacteria to prevent diseases such as typoid, cholera, bihdryia and amoeba.

5. Coarse Gravel:

Coarse Gravel provides is the bottom stage of the filtering process and provides “support” to balance the ph level and to increase oxygen content and to restore the water quality.


Diameter 924 1054
Height 42" 54"
Weight 50kg 60kg
Maximum Pressure 10 Bar 10 Bar
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